C & Z Purlins

Cimat Global manufactures a complete range of C and Z purlins for every industrial building, garages, verandas, carports, and Storerooms, and where ever steel framing is required. We manufacture high-quality structural GI steel. We offer Plain and punched GI purlins manufactured from high tensile steel having higher strength, long life, and minimum weight.

Advantages of C and Z Purlin

  • Strong and Dependable.
  • Reduced Weight.
  • Easy To Install.
  • Competitive Price.
  • Complete Engineering Support


  • C & Z sections are manufactured from Cold-Formed from Hot Dip Galvanized Coils – CS Type B with G60 (Z180g/sqm) or G90 (Z275g/sqm) as per ASTM A653M. Also, Grade 50 and Grade 90 in ASTM A 653M, Grade SS 340 Class 1, available on request.
  • Available in the thickness range from 1.20mm to 3mm structural quality.
  • Dimensions: span up to 12 meters & Depth is 100mm to 300mm.



Solid Structural support