Profile Sheets




Profile sheets are mainly used for roofing and cladding works, where thermal insulation is not the main factor. Cimat Global produces profile sheets from pre-painted galvanized (PPGI) metal sheets and Aluminum.


We offer the finest range of colored profile sheets in different sizes and thicknesses for our valued customers.

These durable colored profile sheets are suitable to cover different warehouses, sheds, and temporary houses, fencing projects, etc…


BASE metal

  1. Aluminum alloy A3105 H16 Tension Leveled coils in Pre-coated condition, data provided are for yield strength of 170N/mm2, thickness is 0.4mm and up to 0.7mm. 
  2. Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron Sheet confirming to ASTM A653, Lock forming quality (LFQ), Yield Strength of 250N/mm2, Zinc Coating G60 (Z180g/m2). Also available in G40 (Z 100g/m2) and even in G90 (Z975g/m2). 
  3. Pre-Painted Aluminum-Zinc/Galvalume sheet confirming to ASTM A792m, Lock forming quality (LFQ), Zinc Coating G60 (Z180g/m2). Also available in G40 (Z 100g/m2) and even in G90 (Z 975g/m2). Thickness is 0.3mm to 0.7mm. (various grades can be provided upon request)


Pre-Painted Aluminum (PPAL)

Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Profile Sheets (PPGI)



As our factory is equipped with a modern corrugated sheet curving machine, we offer a supply of curved profile sheets in different thicknesses and colors as per customer requirements.





Profile Sheet is one of the most commonly used materials throughout construction. In fact, it’s used across so many different industries it’s likely the most widely-produced construction material in the world. And there’s a few different industries.

Wall Cladding
Building Decoration